Check here for updated news on Jean Rollin's career. (Thanks to Serge Rollin and Frederick Durand!)


The official Jean Rollin "Weird Wobbler" bobblehead figure is now available from CULT COLLECTIBLES! Strictly limited to only 250 individually numbered pieces and with each figure including a special and rare film strip from Rollin's legendary GRAPES OF DEATH... no serious fan will want to miss out on this item!!

4/8/2012 - New Rollin Blu-Rays / DVDs coming on 5/15! REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE, DEMONIACS and RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE! Click the covers to order! (Note: Grapes of Death and Living Dead Girl will be coming soon as well!)

SOUNDTRACK RELEASES! B-Music has made even more music from the films of Jean Rollin available, some titles even on 10" vinyl! Follow the link for more details and ordering direct from the label.

A new documentary on Rollin entitled, JEAN ROLLIN, THE STRAY DREAMER is completed. More info here!

Finally, it is with great sadness we report the passing of Rollin's friend and collaborator, Natalie Perrey. Tim Lucas of VIDEO WATCHDOG has written a wonderful piece on her here.

3/18/2012 - Jean Rollin fans must definitely keep checking regulary with this excellent blog. It is updated frequently and contains a wealth of information on Rollin's career. Fans will be happy to learn that more releases are coming from Kino/Redemption!

5/15 - THE RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE (1968, Jean Rollin, Blu-ray & DVD)
5/15 - REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE (1973, Jean Rollin, Blu-ray & DVD)
5/15 - DEMONIACS (1974, Jean Rollin, Blu-ray & DVD)

2/19/2012 B-MUSIC has loosely announced a Jean Rollin soundtrack collection which is coming soon to CD. No other details have been made available at this time.

2/8/12 Finders Keepers Records has just issued a very limited Rollin related soundtrack. From their website:

Jean Rollin's twins of evil Fascination (1979) and Requiem Pour Un Vampire (1972) Previously unreleased full soundtracks on specially packaged blue and yellow cassette tape limited to 200 copies.

Order here!

1/15/12 The latest issue of RUE MORGUE magazine (#119) includes 5 pages of coverage on Jean Rollin and a look at the first 5 Blu-ray releases!

1/11/12 Happy New Year! With the upcoming releases of Rollin's films to Blu-ray (and many are streaming on Netflix as well), this is going to be a great year for Rollin fans! And it just got better! Cult Collectibles announces an upcoming bobblehead figure of the beloved director scheduled to be available later this year!

From the Cult Collectibles website:
Cult Collectibles is proud to announce the upcoming “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead figure of cult French director Jean Rollin! Noted for his unusual and visually striking surrealist/horror films, Jean Rollin’s work continues to enthrall the imagination of film fans throughout the world.

“I’ve been a intense fan of Rollin’s for over two decades,” states Cult Collectibles’ owner Mark Jason Murray, “and have worked quite a bit in trying to help promote his work in that time. So it’s a great honor to be able to pay tribute to him in this way. “

While Rollin was also a prolific fiction writer, it’s his extraordinary work as writer and director of some of the most visually striking fantastique films ever created that has gained him legions of fans. Rollin’s use of lighting, location, eroticism and vampires makes viewing his work an unmistakably unique experience. Films such as THE NUDE VAMPIRE (1970), REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE (1973), LIPS OF BLOOD (1975), LIVING DEAD GIRL (1982) and NIGHT OF THE HUNTED (1980) are just a few examples of some of his most interesting films.

“Rollin’s work seems to have these cycles of new discovery by the masses about every ten years and 2012 begins yet another cycle with the release of his films to Blu-ray and even streaming on Netflix. My introduction to Rollin’s work twenty years ago was through washed out and unsubtitled VHS copies of his films which were nearly impossible to acquire. Now his films are showing up on Turner Classic Movies. Rollin’s work is like a fine wine that continues to get better with age,” states Murray.

Initial figure design is currently being planned with a tentative release scheduled around Rollin’s birthday in November, 2012. Once again, this figure will include Cult Collectibles’ standard of high quality and intense attention to detail and is fully authorized by Rollin’s estate.

(Full details coming soon)
Jean Rollin “Weird Wobbler” bobblehead figure details:
-Limited edition of 250 individually numbered figures
-7 inches of lightweight polyresin
-Full color packaging
-Special exclusive trading card available ONLY during pre-order period through

Visit CULT COLLECTIBLES for more information

11/30/11 The films of Jean Rollin are coming to blu-ray! Redemption films has secured a deal with Kino Lorber to remaster and issue several of Rollin's films to blu-ray starting in January 2012! Check here for press release! Also a full website will be coming here shortly.


Remastered in high definition and loaded with new extras, these are must-have items for Rollin fans! Click on the covers for ordering links!!!!

THE IRON ROSE recently premiered in HD on TCM (Nov. 11)! Here is a interview with star Francoise Pascal. Be sure to check out her official website!


Finders Keepers records has released a CD/LP of the soundtrack for Rollin's LE FRISSON DES VAMPIRES in what looks to be a beautiful deluxe edition. 27 tracks with liner notes. Here's the site description:

One of the most underrated and misunderstood directors to emerge from the rising smoke of the 1968 Parisian social explosion, Jean Rollin - a director with early links with the Paris underground, The Letterists, The Surrealists, improv theatre and the free-press - is best known for his films in the fantastique genre, producing the first French vampire film (Le Viol Du Vampire, 1968). To celebrate the launch of our new Rollinade series, documenting some of the finest musical moments of the director's career as an avant-gardener, counter-culture vulture and Gallic vamp-tramp, Finders Keepers presents the entire unreleased soundtrack from the ultimate French vampire hippy flick 'Le Frisson Des Vampires' on CD and vinyl for the first time. Also available in the series is 'Jeunes Filles Impudiques', a veritable limited edition 5 track EP of drum heavy Gallic hard-bop and risque acidic folk and a hand numbered limited edition (100 only) lithographic reproduction print of the rare poster for Rollin's 1979 film 'Fascination' illustrated by French painter Charles Rau.

Finders Keepers also issued a limited edition of 500 45 rpm EP's of music from SCHOOLGIRL HITCHHIKERS (Jeunes filles impudiques) that has already sold out! Here's the site description:

This long-lost Parisian skin flick 'Jeunes Filles Impudiques' (AKA Schoolgirl Hitchhikers) marks a particularly vulnerable period in the career of one of the most underrated and misunderstood directors to emerge from the rising smoke of the 1968 Parisian social explosion.

From a director with early links with the Paris underground, The Letterists, The surrealists, improv theatre and the free-press comes the reclaimed audio tracks from one of his rarest celluloid moments - but lets not confuse this for high-art. Finders Keepers make no bones, this is Jean Rollin's maiden voyage into adult entertainment, dIrected under the pseudonym of Miche Gentil with a flimsy plot, questionable acting skills and an awesome little schizophrenic soundtrack.

The Brutus Drums percussion workout, the acidic folk pastoral movements, the Cul-De-Sac-esque jazz theme and the UK library sound-alike tile-tune all make up this 5 track veritable banquet of Gallic sleaze and second-class sound providing fans of cult cinema and b-music with an unexpected glimpse into the No-No generation at its most candid.

The interests of good taste have ensured that this long-lost movie has been buried for some 40 odd years with a musical score bursting to jump out of the can and down your tone arm which has now been made possible by a recently renovated negative print and new source material. These original Pierre-Raph (of 'Requiem For A Vampire' infamy) compositions from the publishing Library of Paris' Musicale Editions Dellamarre (of Acanthus / Unity fame) come straight from Rollin himself as an introduction to Finders Keepers' new Rollinade series documenting some of the finest musical moments of the director's career as an avant-gardener, counter-culture vulture and Gallic vamp-tramp all housed in their original hand-painted promotional artwork for the first time ever on vinyl.


Here are few French language links across the net in relation to Jean Rollin





Rollin's funeral will be held this Wednesday, 12/22/10 at 3 pm at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, France. If anyone is able to attend, please let me know. This looks like a absolutely wonderful place for our beloved director to be laid to rest.

It is with deep sadness that I am reporting confirmation from Rollin's family that he has passed on. What a terrible loss for film fans... his legacy will continue to grow and his memory and contributions to cinema will not be forgotten. Rest in peace my friend....

Jean Rollin: November 3, 1938 - December 15, 2010

More news coming soon....


Word has been spreading all day today about the passing of Jean Rollin. At this moment, I have not received a confirmation of Rollin's status so cannot verify it as fact. Once I hear word from his family I will post it here and until I do hear it from his family, I will consider it nothing but "rumor". Although Jean's health has been his greatest adversary for some time, I hope for the best.

Site design and updates are in the works and I hope to make a large community here of fans and friends over time, Rollin's work has always deserved more attention and respect, which is what this site initially set out to do... and will do... more to come.


It's been quite a while since updates have been posted and hopefully things will change in the coming year with a new site design and more updates.

Unfortunately, Rollin has been very ill and has been in the hospital for the past month. I wish him all the best and hope for his return to good health and film making. His status will be posted as I hear more.

Be sure and check out the interview with Rollin in the latest issue of Fangoria (January 2011 #299) on newsstands now!




Jean's son, Serge has sent in this note on Rollin's newest film: NIGHT OF THE CLOCKS.

"Just a few words about Jean's last film, that I have seen last week. After 10 mn, the first word that came in my mind was "superbe". I'm not a "fan" but at the end, the same word was still here. Well, now some critiques : a few things that I found less pleasant : it's a bit like "On the treck of Jean Rollin", he is himself the subject of this film, as a disappeared/deceased person. The main actress is searching clues about him, his life, but mostly his work, or his life viewed through his work (I didn't see any hint on my brother or on me), all in a fantastic spirit. Maybe a little narcissus for me but Jean's fans will LOVE this film, I'm pretty sure. The clock is the gate used to jump to another dimension, those of Jean's films, with the actors of his ancient films. There are some extracts of the old films, integrated in the story like memories.

Else, the images are amongst the best I have seen in his films. The mounting of the film is so professional that it doesn't look like a film of Jean ;-). And the decors are so beautiful too, the most "rollinian" decors ever. You should look forward to seing this."

Yes, it has been a while since we have posted an update as we have been busy with FILM FANADDICT. I hope to get the Jean Rollin site integrated into our main site soon which will allow for us to maintain it much better. We do have an update of another must have release from ENCORE FILMS!

In "The films of Jean Rollin" series: Le Viol Du Vampire (Rape of the Vampire)
A two disc digipack with slipcase comes with a 32 page book!!!

Special edition limited to 2000 pcs.

Synopsis: When the May Revolution raged through the streets of Paris in 1968, a very peculair movie became an overnight sensation. Le Viol du Vampire, a genre movie directed by an unknown filmmaker called Jean Rollin, had just been released with unexpected commercial success.

Its free-spirited combination of avant-garde filmmaking, vintage American serials, pop art and erotic vampire movie proved a popular combination in Parisian cinemas. The police even invaded a cinema where the film was shown. Afterwards, a huge riot started between filmgoers and the cops! Almost forty years later, Le Viol du Vampire/Rape of the Vampire has lost none of its naive charm: it's still a crazy, compelling, and utterly original blend of styles, which bears all the trademarks that Rollin's later movies became world famous for.

[img align=left][/img]DETAILS
Disc one:
* Feature film and audio commentary by Jean Rollin
* Language: French
* Subtitles: English, Dutch, German

Disc two: (all extra's/interviews are English subtitles)
* l'Histore de la nuit des Horloges
* Original trailer
* Picture gallery
* Interview Jaqueline Sieger
* Interview Alain-Yves Beaujour
* Interview François Tusques
* Censored scenes

Book (English text inside)
* Essay on "Le Viol du Vampire" by Jean Rollin
* Lots of rare photos

Coming in October from Encore Films. This is a PAL format double disc release.

For more info on Encore Films visit:

ALSO: There has been an interview with Rollin published recently in L'Écran Fantastique magazine (French language text)


In “The films of Jean Rollin” series:
La Nuit des Traquées ( The Night of the Hunted)

A two disc digipack with slipcase comes with a 32 page full color book!!!
Special edition limited to 2000 pcs.

La Nuit des Traquées is an exceptional work, even within Jean Rollin’s enigmatic oeuvre. The film doesn’t feature the director’s usual ingredients like vampires and lyrical atmosphere, but has a very realistic and chilling touch. Director Rollin also manages to include creepy echoes of the Second World War in his utterly compelling and highly melancholic tale of doomed love.

On a cold dark night a mysterious blonde girl is seen running around in the woods. It’s Elisabeth (Brigitte Lahaie), who has escaped from a high-rise prison, where people are kept who have been contaminated by an environmental accident. Their thoughts, memories and emotions are slowly eaten away by disease, turning them into sad, helpless creatures. A young men (Vincent Carder) has fallen in love with Elisabeth and tries to help her escape. But the clinic’s henchmen are ruthless….

DVD features:

Disc one:
• Feature Film
• Original trailer
• New anamorphic 16:9 version scanned and colorgraded from the original negatives, unique quality level.
• The soundtrack is digitally remastered
• Language: French
• Subtitles: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish
• PAL regionfree

Disc two:
• Interview Brigitte Lahaie
• Interview Lionell Wallmann
• Audio commentary Jean Rollin and Brigitte Lahaie
• Audio commentary Jean Rollin
• Picture gallery
• Interview Alain Plumey and the museum of eroticism
• Alternative scenes “Hard Version”

• Essay on “La Nuit des Traquées”
• Lots of rare photo’s

Release : 10-11-2006

In “The films of Jean Rollin” series:

Le Frisson des Vampires ( Shiver of the Vampires)

A two disc digipack with slipcase comes with a 32 page full color book!!!
Special edition limited to 2000 pcs.

Le Frisson des Vampires is a classic Jean Rollin movie. From its freaky pop soundtrack by Acanthus and stunning lead actresses Julien and Dominique, through its erotic and lyrical scenes at the cemetery and up to its poetic conclusion, the film oozes the kind of atmosphere filmgoers have come to expect from the French maestro. This picture is a true time machine: it brings one back to a period when European filmmakers dares to cross all boundaries and fantastic cinema had a truly mesmerizing quality

Newlyweds Jean-Marie Durand and Sandra Julien spend their honeymoon on the countryside and visit a mysterious castle. There they get involved in a series of strange events: it turns out that the castle is inhabited by vampires. Especially the female one (cult actress Dominique) has some special plans for Julien…

DVD features:

Disc one:
• Feature film: Le Frisson des Vampires
• New anamorphic 16:9 version scanned and colorgraded from the original negatives, unique quality level.
• The soundtrack is digitally remastered
• Language: French and English
• Subtitles: English, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish
• PAL regionfree

Disc two:
• Slideshow with more than 100 rare photo’s
• Audio commentary Jean Rollin
• Deleted scenes
• Original trailer

• Essay on “Le Frisson des vampires”
• Lots of rare photo’s


The latest issue of RUE MORGUE magazine includes a nice interview and cover image on Jean Rollin. Having put the magazine in touch with Rollin with two simple requests, I was a little bit miffed by the ommision of (1) being mentioned in the piece, nor (2) being sent a copy of the issue for my archives.

We are looking for fans interested in donating their webdesign skills to give a much needed facelift. Full credit and eternal love from myself and Rollin will supplied (and maybe a few extra goodies as well... we'll have to see). If interested please get in touch and include samples of your previous webdesign work.

Click here for our review off all four of the current triple disc Jean Rollin import DVD sets!

Thing have been a bit quiet here as of late but we are happy to have an update! If you have a region free DVD player that can play imported PAL format discs, be sure and check out the recent 3 disc special edition releases of REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE and DEMONIACS. We will have reviews available soon for these spectacular editions but for now take a look at Encore Film’s website for full details and trailers. Your mouth will water for the absolutely beautiful packaging, extensive features and presentation of Rollin’s work. Also to be released in December are 3 disc sets of LIPS OF BLOOD and LIVING DEAD GIRL which we will be reviewing as well . 

Michael Schmitz reports: next week the german dvd label X-NK will release Rollins Fascination in german and french language with optional german and english subtitles. The release will feature the trailer, a new interview and a photo gallery. The hardbox packaging features the great original poster art.

Nigel Wingrove of England's REDEMPTION FILMS has this news to report on several Rollin DVD releases:

Members might like to know that there is a very recent (August 2004) interview with Jean Rollin which runs for 40 minutes included as an extra in the Redemption Films DVD release of La Vampire Nue. There is also a four page interview with JR in Redemption's publication Rule Satannia (issue 5) a preview of which can be read by clicking on a small repro of the JR article on the main front page of Redemption's site

Also released in a few weeks is The Iron Rose, Grapes of Death, Killing Car and Lost in New York which also includes two of JR's early short films as extras. We will also be releasing soon as another extra the Channel Four Eurotica documentary by Pete Tombs on JR. Finally we are also organising, in conjunction with The Horror Channel, an hour long JR special to be shown later this year which will obviously include JR himself. The HC are currently showing a number of Rollin films in a regular basis.

Michael Schmitz reports: "In mid december the german X-Neues Kontrastprogramm (formerly known as X-Rated) will release Jean Rollins La vampire nue. The dvd will feature german and french sound and optional english (!!!) subtitles. There will be two versions on it: the original version and the german version that is slightly cut differently. there will also be the trailer and 180 set fotos from the collection of Peter Blumenstock. The dvd will come in a "hardbox" packaging and will feature the great Druillet poster art which makes this box the nicest version of any Rollin movie ever in my opinion. here is the pic on the left.

Jean Rollin will be in Stuttgart, Germany for the Audition International Film Festival 11/4 - 11/6. Along with his appearance they will be presenting FASCINATION, SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES and LIPS OF BLOOD. Click here for more info.

Jean Rollins Two orphan vampires was just released in Germany under the title "Jean Rollin's Vampire". The dvd comes in a "hardbox" case from the label, X-Rated. it contains the French and English sound and optional German subtitles.

Here is the UK Redemption video DVD release schedule for several of Rollin's films.

July 26
Sidewalks of Bangkok

August 30

Shiver of the Vampire
Requiem for a Vampire

February 2005
La Vampire Nue

March 2005
La Rose de Fer

Coming Soon:
Night of the Hunted
Living Dead Girl
Rape of the Vampire
Killing Car
Two Orphan Vampires
Lost in New York
La Fiancee de Dracula
Grapes of Death
Phantasmes (both versions)
Countess IXE
Impudent Yound Girls
Les Échappées (materials pending)

US release dates will be posted when available

The British magazine Rule Satannia issue #5 will be out late October and will feature a lengthly Rollin interview.


This excellent news was posted on the Rollin discussion group:

"I thought that this group would be interested to know that following a successful meeting between Redemption Films and Jean Rollin in Cannes that the long standing problems between ourselves have finally been resolved and that a spirit of 'entente cordial' has now broken out. The result is that Rollin fans are about to see a whole lot more Rollin on DVD.

To begin with we will be releasing remastered versions of Vampire Nue, Lost in New York and Rose de Fer in the UK and the US as soon as we can. We have also acquired all rights to Killing Cars, Les Eschappees, La Countesse IXE, Impudent Young Girls, La Fiancee du Dracula, Phantasmes and Les Deux Orphelines vampires all of which we will be remastering from the original negatives and releasing on DVD. Also being included on the Lost in New York DVD are Rollin's first short films Les Amours Jaunes (1958) and Ciel de Cuivre (1959) which have never ever been seen before.

Jean Rollin is very unwell and wants to make what will sadly probably be his last film, La Nuit Transfiguree' and Redemption has agreed to finance it. To be shot on 35mm and filmed in France and Italy and starring the amazing porn / actress and artist 'Ovidie' Tranfiguree will, we are sure, be Rollin's masterpiece. We will post more news here and on our site shortly.

Finally we are now working with Rollin on preparing difinitive versions of all his films, possible remastering some in HD and creating audio commentaries for every film. These will be in French with subtitles so that Rollin can describe his work properly. These difinitive DVDs will be released in a series of signed luxury box sets along with the ultimate Rollin book in about one to two years time.

More news soon
Check out

Nigel Wingrove

An update has been made in the filmography section. Follow the links there for new reviews by Nara Moore for GRAPES OF DEATH, LIPS OF BLOOD, DEMONIACS, and BACCHANALES SEXUELLES.

Jean Rollin will be making an appearance at a Paris, France video store on 11/27/03. He will be signing copies of his new book, Estelle et Edwige, Les demoiselles de l'Etrange. If you are in that area please stop by and show your support. More info (in French) is available here.

Hors-Circuits Vidéoclub - Librairie
4 rue de Nemours 75011 Paris Tél 01 48 06 32 43
63 rue Oberkampf 75011 Paris
TLJ de 12h30 à 20h30 sf dimanche

Kim Bray notes that as fans of Jean Rollin, we have an oportunity to help him make his latest and possibly last film. Lional Wallman is gathering contibutions that will go to the financing of the project. Those who donate $50 or more will receive the following...
1. An autographed photograph of Jean Rollin
2. A film documentary of the film in production shot by Lionel Wallmann
3. His/her personal copy vhs or dvd of the film "Transfigurated Nights" after postproduction."

Any participant that wishes to invest in this production can send their checks to:
Lionel Wallmann "Transfigurated Night"
Post Office Box 4617
Ft. Lauderdale Florida 33338-4617

If, for any reason, the film does not go into production, each and every participant will be reimbursed any and all monies invested.

Daniel Gouyette reports that "all went pretty well on the 25th and 26th of July at the french Cinémathéque des Grands Boulvards for both Rollin's movies and for the documentary "Si la Mère Supérieure se coiffe d'un entonnoir!". (See 7/3/03 news) Up the 300 people have attended this special evenement where the likes of Louise Dhour, Jean Pierre Bouyxou, Pascal Françaix and Véronique Djaouti could be met inbetween personal interventions by Jean Rollin before and after each and every one of the five films. Regarding "le Mère", I am really pleased by the comments I have heared so far. It might be put soon onto Dvd for a late october released along with Rollin's film d'art et d'essaie, Lost in New-York.

Here are some images from the documentary:



Cinema Nocturna has posted a Jean Rollin career overview on their site. Click the "Splatter Mafioso" menu and follow the link.

Daniel Gouyette reports the following:

Jean Rollin is to show four of his movies between the 26 and the 27 of July at the French Cinémathéque in Paris. Le Viol du vampire and Le Frisson du vampire on the 26 and Requiem pour un vampire, Les Deux Orphelines vampires and La Fiancée de Dracula on the 27.
On the 26, will also be the premier of a 53 minute documentary - "Si la Mère Supérieure se coiffe d'un Entonnoir..."/ "If the Mother Superior puts on a Funnel..." - on Rollin's work. It took me almost three years to complete...Natalie Perrey, Jean Pierre Bouyxou, Brigitte Lahaie, Véronique Djaouti, Magalie Aguado, etc... are all part of it...

Here is a short report about Jean Rollins visit in Aachen (thanks to Leon Kelz):

Jean came accompanied by his wife Marie-Simone. Before the film there was a lecture of Jean concerning the making of the film, and people were asking questions about his career and his former films. An audience of a hundred people, mainly students, had come to see Les Deux Orphelines Vampires for the first time in a german cinema. After the film there was an interesting discussion, which was interpreted into german by Jeans wife. Jean mentioned Franju, Lang and Bunuel as important filmic influences for himself. Another question was if there had been plans to film the spectacular aztec sequence that is very important in the book but in the film is only mentioned in the dialogue. Jean said yes, but that the plans had to be canceled because it would have been too expensive.


A review for SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES is now up in the filmography section.

Rollin will be appearing along with a French language 35mm print of TWO ORPHAN VAMPIRES in Germany. Here are the details for those in the area:

Date: Tuesday, May, 13, 2003
Place: Aula in the main building of the RWTH Aachen, Templergraben 55, 52056 Aachen, Germany
Time: 7:45 p.m.,
box office opens at 7:00 p.m.
for further information: tel. 0241 8095468
(communication in german or english only)

Rollin is preparing for a new film "La Nuit Transfiguree". Still gathering the budget with plans to shoot in September, Rollin is working to cast Bruno Cremer (a very good French actor), Bernadette LaFond and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The story centers around a girl inheriting a large amount of property which is inhabited by the ghost of a film director. Strange things begin to happen and she believes the director may be trying to send her messages. The mystery continues as she discovers his films within the house. You can of course expect to see many of Rollin's usual trademark directorial touches. More news when it is available.

The merchandise area has been updated with all available Rollin films on DVD, etc. Please take a look and help support this site by ordering from our links.

A website for FIANCEE OF DRACULA has been put up by the production company and features some pictures from the film as well as an interview with Rollin in French. Check it out.

Possible release of LA VAMPIRE NUE to DVD in mid 2003.

Don May Jr. of Synapse films posted on Mobius the following about BACCHANALES SEXUELLES: We will be releasing the film in the uncensored French version (reportedly over 30 minutes longer than the butchered US release). Our version runs around 106 minutes. We will be releasing it in a 1.66:1 16:9 version (will have slight side-mattes) with newly translated Removeable English subs. It is scheduled for release on December 17th.

Here are some images of the incredible looking transfer

Jean's newest film, FIANCEE DU DRACULA was released in French theaters on August 14.

A new discussion group for Rollin's work has been started at Also, don't forget about this site's own discussion group.

The merchandising link is currently being reworked and will be updated shortly.

I have received the Darkside DVD of REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE and FASCINATION listed below. It is a great value for the money and the bonus materials come together nicely. For those with PAL format dvd capabilities be sure and pick it up. You can get it here.

NEW TITLES COMING SOON! SIDEWALKS OF BANGKOK on dvd, FIANCEE OF DRACULA on dvd/vhs, and TWO ORPHAN VAMPIRES on dvd/vhs! Click the merchandise link for more info and ordering details.

The latest issue of Ultraviolent magazine features an interview with Jean Rollin.

Another interview is available on line at the Mondo-Digital website.

DARKSIDE MAGAZINE has released a pal dvd double feature of FASCINATION and REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE. Large amounts of bonus materials are included: 16:9 editions, Interactive Menus, Theatrical trailers for other Jean Rollin movies, 30-minute Eurotika Documentary - Virgins And Vampires!, 30 minute interview with Brigitte Lahaie and Jean Rollin, 30 minute documentary on Rollin made by Scooter (Shatterdead) McRae, Stills galleries, Behind-the-scenes pictures, Posters, Video Art. Original French language and English-dubbed, X-Rated Brigitte Lahaie Photo Gallery and some hidden features.

New interview added! Click here....

GRAPES OF DEATH is out now on dvd and it looks amazing. I am very impressed with this release and am very pleased to have been involved in its release. Special thanks to Synapse Films for doing such a great job with my favorite Rollin film.

Rollin's first film, RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE, is also now out on dvd. Check the merchandise link on the left for all currently available Jean Rollin films.

Jean has also released several new books (in French) and here is some info as provided by Frederick Durand:

I want to talk to you briefly about 3 new books by Jean Rollin :

* LES DEUX ORPHELINES VAMPIRES (in french), a big 505 pages illustrated book, collector's edition limited to 1000 copies, signed by Rollin himself. It's available for 149 french francs. (Or $32 postage paid)

* LA PETITE FILLE AU CERCEAU (in french), limited 300 copies edition : 80 Francs.

* VIES ET AVENTURES DE JEAN-PIERRE BOUYXOU (in french), 300 copies available, 80 F.

This last book is a fiction written by Jean. The hero is his long-time collaborator Bouyxou, who visits the Château de Blangis where the Marquis de Sade has located his 120 Days of Sodom.

LES DEUX ORPHELINES VAMPIRES..., contains the whole novel published by Redemption + 4 other new parts that were originally published by Fleuve Noir in 1994-95.

You can also order the 3 texts for 270 Francs (0r 41, 16 Euros).

The money orders or payments must be made to : EDITIONS FILMS ABC.

* If you don't live in France, add 50 F for shipping & handling.

The reason why I wanted to tell you about it is that Jean is the publisher of these books - if you buy them, the money goes directly to him, with no intermediary. I believe that Jean deserves to sell some of these - we all know it will help him to complete his new projects (films and books).

Jean has authorized me to give you the address where you can order these titles :

Jean Rollin
69, rue Haxo
75 020 Paris

Click here for more info on LES DEUX ORPHELINES VAMPIRES

Take a look at the cover for GRAPES OF DEATH. More news soon.

Work is still being done on Synapse Films upcoming releases of BACCHANALES SEXUELLES and RAISINS DE LA MORT. Official release dates will be posted soon. It looks like I will be providing a selected filmography and short biography on Rollin for inclusion on the releases and those materials are being completed right now.

Don May Jr. of Synapse has forwarded news on the features of RAISINS:
Uncut, Uncensored French Language Version
New Anamorphic 16:9 Transfer from the Original Negative
Newly Translated, Easy to Read Removable English Subtitles
Original Theatrical Trailer
Still Gallery
Rollin Filmography & Biography
Liner Notes
30 Minute Interview Segment with Jean Rollin and Brigitte Lahaie

Also, sample images of the dvd are below and the quality looks incredible. This will surely be the best possible version of my personal favorite Rollin film!

Synapse will be releasing FLY ME THE FRENCH WAY (aka Bacchanales Sexuelles) on DVD. More details soon!


Rollin's latest two films, 2 ORPHINE VAMPIRES and BRIDES OF DRACULA, have just been picked up for release on DVD and VHS by SHRIEK SHOW. This just happened a couple days ago so when more info becomes available you will read it first here.

Don May at Synapse reports the master he received for his upcoming dvd release of RAISINS DE LA MORT is a beautifully stunning transfer. Possible extras (like commentary) are now being compiled. We might see this release in October.

Please stop by the new Jean Rollin discussion forum to discuss his career! Click here!

We also hope to have some exciting news soon. We will keep you posted!

Check out the interview with Rollin in the new Fangoria Magazine (#202, May) as LA FIANCEE DE DRACULA is discussed. Rollin also mentions his website:

"Rollin is the subject of several websites all over the world ("But not in France, as usual," he notes with a little bitterness). His favorite is, created by a devoted fan. "He called to ask me if he could do a site about my work," Rollin says. "I was very happy to help him and it has become my official website. I provide him with information on my work, and even on my vacation plans! I have no idea if anyone is interested, but it's quite flattering."

I am sure you all would agree that we are very interested. More news coming soon!

I recently made a post at MOBIUS HOME VIDEO FORUM in regards to wanting Rollin's RAISINS DE LA MORT on dvd and Don May Jr. of Synapse followed up with this incredible news!

"I just couldn't keep this a secret any longer. I figured that, since a thread was going about Rollin, that I would just say something now.

We received the 16:9 enhanced 1.66:1 masters on Friday (of RAISINS DE LA MORT) and we are getting them evaluated now. I should have a few VHS check tapes of the master by the end of the week. Keep in mind that we have NOT officially announced the title (I'm tired of announcing things that get delayed, so we will not announce ANYTHING until it is already in the authoring stage...that way things will be coming out more timely from now on). We do have the film, though, and we are releasing it (probably) in Fall 2001.

It is the French Language version, so we still do have to create a removable subtitle track. It's going to be figured I'd let the "cat out of the bag", so to speak.

I love the film, too, and I'm happy we can bring it out for all the fans. We have another Jean Rollin in the works, but I haven't gotten the masters yet, so I ain't talkin' !!!! Hahah!"

OUR NEW LOOK UNVEILED This site has been redesigned and some new features have been added. We will continue to update and change this site over time adding more features, articles, graphics, reviews, etc.

Rollin's recent kindey transplant has healed with no forseable complications. Although he has recently been in the hospital for pneumonia. We hope for Jean's quick recovery!


Salvation Films (the British arm of Redemption USA) have created brand new digital masters from Rollin's negatives of La vampire nue (aka The Nude Vampire, 1969) and Le viol du vampire (aka The Rape of the Vampire, 1968). The exciting news is that whilst looking through the cans of negatives, some previously unseen footage was discovered from Le viol du vampire! Three extra shots of nudity have been included in this new master, which we can confirm looks jaw droppingly gorgeous. The mastering for this film was completed on the absolute state of the art C-Reality telecine suite, of which there are only a handful in Europe. And that's not all! Also recently mastered for the first time ever are Rollin's first short Les amours jaunes (1958) and his later short Le pays loin (1965), which Salvation will be included as extras on the future (delayed) DVD release of Perdues dans New York (1991)

Rollin has been covered recently in the fanzine FIRELIGHT SHOCKS.

On 10/24, after 8 years, Rollin received the kidney transplant that he was in dire need of. I am happy to report he is doing well, there have been no complications and I wish Jean all the best on his quick recovery and well being.

Marc Morris has recently added a Jean Rollin section to his MONDO EROTICO website. Though still in it's early phases, the site will be very informative on video/dvd/etc. releases of Rollins films from around the world as well as an upcoming discussion forum.

At his recent CINEMUERTE INTERNATIONAL HORROR FILM FESTIVAL appearance, Rollin showed 2 ORPHIN VAMPIRES and FASCINATION which were both very well received by the audience. Here is a photo or Rollin (left) with Lionel Wallman at the festival (photo courtesty of Brian Krueger).

Rollin has since abandoned his La Louve Sanglante project due to lack of financing.

Check out Gregory Avery's review of 2 ORPHIN VAMPIRES (which features a nice career overview as well) in the filmography section.

The novelization of 2 ORPHIN VAMPIRES (shown on the left) is still available at a very low price from Redemption in their books section.

July 2000
Rollin recently appeared on July 2nd at the CINEMUERTE INTERNATIONAL HORROR FILM FESTIVAL (running June 30 - July 8, 2000, at the Pacific Cinémathèque, Vancouver, BC) and received their "Golden Hatchet Award" for lifetime achievement.

There are also plans for more Rollin dvds in the future as well for his latest, BRIDES OF DRACULA (also slated to feature an hour "making of..." documentary), TWO ORPHIN VAMPIRES, and one of my personal favorites GRAPES OF DEATH. These are slated to have commentary in French by Rollin. I am pushing for subtitled commentary tracks. There is also a possibility of anamorphic transfers as well. No official release dates for these titles as of yet since they are in negotiation at this moment.

Some 300 people were present for the premiere of BRIDES OF DRACULA at Edimbourg, Scotland (which as previously reported Jean was unable to attend for health reasons). The crowd responded with a standing ovation.

Rollin's next project looks to be LA LOUVE SANGLANTE (The Bloody She-Wolf). I have been told it should be very gory.

Here's a plot synopsis for BRIDES OF DRACULA: While looking for the earthly remains of Count Dracula, the Professor and his young assisstant Eric are thrown into the universe of the "Parallels", a world of nocturnal and monstrous creatures with dark desires..... Will they comprehend the strange link that gathered an unpredictable dwarf dressed as a jester and his vampire betrothed? Will they escape from the claws of the scarlett She-Wolf, the Sorcerers and the sensual baby eater Ogress? Their quest will lead them to Isabelle, a young woman under the hold of an unspeakable force who has been brought up by the mad nuns of the Order of the White Virgin. What is the secret that heavily weighs on their origins and seal their fate to the darkness?

Jean's son, Serge, has this to say about BRIDES OF DRACULA: "Last week I saw the premiere of LA FIANCEE DE DRACULA. I think it is one of my father's best films and all his fans will love it as well." Serge continued to tell me the film is very poetic (as usual) and even containing some humor sometimes poking fun at Rollin himself. Serge would like to elaborate more but his English is limited.

Here's a more lenghtly review of the new film:
The Premiere of Jean Rollin's new film LA FIANCEE DE DRACULA by Frédérick Durand
It was in an parisian arthouse cinema, on June 28. I arrived there with my good friend Anne Duguël (actress in THE 2 VAMPIRE ORPHANS). A table was set, with the most recent titles of Jean (I learnt that a new one is going to be published very soon).
Just in the row in front of me was sat Brigitte Lahaie, wearing a jeans jacket ! It was amazing to see her and I must say that she has aged beautifully. Brigitte has a small role in the film, as well as Catherine Castel, one of the enigmatic Castel twins seen in early Rollin films (the other is unfortunately dead). Jean has also a small part...
The film is a welcome return to the craziness and surrealism of La Vampire Nue and Le Viol du Vampire. Jean has recreated many paintings of Clovis Trouille, as well as loading his dialogs with bits and pieces of his favorite authors (like Gaston Leroux). Natalie Perrey gives a stunning performance, as usual.
A point to note : the film looks almost as something that Jean would have hidden in his vaults for 28 years. Absolutely NO reference is contemporanean, the setpieces are gothic, ancient and the sense of modernity that was present in Killing Cars or even The 2 Vampire Orphans is completely absent here. It really feels like the film could have been made in 1973.
In the small theater were gather many people related to Jean : Norbert Moutier (underground filmmaker - Jean has roles in his films), Quelou Parente (underground female filmmaker - Jean has played in her "Marquis de Slime"), fanzine writer and publisher Christophe Bier, Maurice Lemaître, Jean-Louis Van Belle (belgian director of "Sadist with the Red Teeth") and many others.
To sum it up, it was a stunning experience and the dreamlike film will amaze Rollin's fans without a doubt.
Encouraged by this encouraging situation (the film is already sold to Canal +), Jean is ALREADY working on his new film !!!
My hope is to see more of Catherine Castel and Brigitte Lahaie in this future rollinian film."

April 2000
Unfortunately, Jean has been very sick as of late, spending a lot of time in the hospital. He has had some health problems for a long time, namely kidney troubles which Rollin desperately awaits a proper transplant. He also suffered recently from a broken foot), Unfortunately, his health has caused him to be unable to attend the preview screening of his new film BRIDES OF DRACULA (La fiancée de Dracula) in Scotland, though someone will be there representing him and the film. I personally wish Rollin my best for his recovery.

As for the film BRIDES OF DRACULA, one of Rollin's partners tells me "what I have seen already is quite a strange and beautiful vision (Bunuel 'The Golden Age' comes to mind)." So it sounds like it will be yet another of his great masterworks. I should have stills and cast information soon so keep an eye out here.

Apparently he is already planning another project, a "grand-guignol" inspired film shot like a theatrical play. It looks to be a minimalist work filmed totally indoors with one or two set pieces. This sounds like a very good idea as Rollin has wanted to make a picture like this for a long time. This will also work well for his health as he can have close quarters to the set.

A new book will be out in France soon outlining four screenplays written by Rollin that were never realized. Rollin is writing intros to each selection with essays written by Daniel Gouyette.

There currently are no release dates for any future Rollin videos/dvds at this time, but there are still a few titles slated for release later in the year. Also, I have been contacted about the possibility of Rollin's X-rated material being released. I know a lot of us would be interested in this but finding a company to release and distribute them properly will surely be a problem. Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

Rollin receives his FANTAFESTIVAL award in Italy for TWO ORPHIN VAMPIRES

Rollin (left) in New York

Rollin (left) working on effects for RAISINS DE LA MORT

Rollin sits with Brigitte Lahaie

Click on image to view picture.

December 1999
(Reported by Frederick Durand) While I was in Paris, I had the chance to discuss with writer Anne Duguël regarding Jean's current film.
At the time of writing this, the shooting is completed. While I was in Paris (at the beginning of october), Jean was shooting at his famous beach of Pourville-les-Dieppe. The film is finally a co-production between Italy and France. It means that some Italian actresses will be in it. If I'm not wrong, one of the co-producers is french TV channel CANAL +. CANAL + is also supposed to finance a new film by genre great Michel Lemoine. It would be an adaptation of Alain Venisse's novel DANS LES PROFONDEURS DU MIROIR, a horror/thriller originally published in one of Jean's collections, "Frayeur". Jean was supposed to shoot most of the interiors in the house of Anne Duguël. Anne often rents her house for various films. Anne Duguël has the role of one of the 2 nuns in LES DEUX ORPHELINES VAMPIRES, the other being played by Jean's regular collaborator Natalie Perrey. A new novel by Jean is just out : LA PROMENEUSE. The publisher is LES BELLES LETTRES, the same publisher who is responsible for Jean's MONSEIGNEUR RAT, one of his best-looking books.

August 1999
Rollin is currently trying to find for a good location to film his new "La fiancée de Dracula". The shooting will begin in
September. His collection " Les Anges du Bizarre " stopped after the tenth title. Again, problems with the publisher who took initiatives without warning Jean who didn't appreciate that.

March 1999
Jean Rollin is still completing his book collection " Les Anges du Bizarre " for french publisher SORTILEGES. 10 volumes have been published in that collection, including 2 titles by Jean himself : Enfer privé (Private Hell), a re-edition of a 1991 book previously published by N.D.L.R., and La statue de chair (the statue of flesh). Many of the other titles are re-prints of unfoundable french rarities, dark novels of the 50s and 60s : Le festin des charognes (Feast of the carrions), La bête noire (The Black Beast - based on the true story of french necrophile Sergent Bertrand). Mon âme est une porcherie (My Soul is a pigsty) is a 1998 new novel by Anne Duguël, a very talented author seen as an actor in Rollin's The Two Vampire Orphans. That's the 4th collection handled by Jean. The first one was Lumière noire (Black Light) in 1991 (stopped after one title !), the second was Frayeur (Fear) for Fleuve Noir published in 1995-96 (32 titles), the third was Poche Revolver Fantastique for Florent-Massot in 1997 (9 books), and now there's Les Anges du Bizarre (in reference to a short-story by Edgar Allan Poe). Let's wish a long-life to Les Anges...

If you're interested to read Rollin in english, remember the book version of Les deux orphelines published by Redemption Books. All his other works are now unpublished : Aujourd'hui Gaston Leroux, a lenghty-in-depth analysis of marvelous french writer Leroux ; The Cycle of the Two Vampire Orphans (5 books), Enfer privé, Les Demoiselles de l'étrange (Ladies of the Strangeness), Bestialité (Bestiality, a werewolf tale), Dialogues sans fin (Endless dialogs, a short-stories book), Monseigneur Rat (Mgr Rat) and La petite ogresse (little ogress, one of his finest books). These books deserve to be translated !!! Most of them are fabulous and original, somewhere between The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy by Tim Burton, Rollin's films and old serials.

Other good news : french cable channel CANAL+ has finally decided to present Rollin films. That's a premiere for Rollin, as NONE of his films have been shown on TV before !!! The interesting side of this story is that it will help Jean to finance is new film. According to french writer/journalist Pascal Françaix, Jean has a new project called " La fiancée de Dracula " (Bride of Dracula) that would be a co-production with Canal+. A story to follow !