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Reviews Database > DVD REVIEWS (J) > KILLING SPREE (1987)
Published by Film Fanaddict on 2007/12/8 (4576 reads)
Directed by Tim Ritter
Review by Felix Vasquez Jr.

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Released by Camp Motion Pictures
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Rating: Unrated
Color format: Color
Audio/Subtitles: English, None
Region Code: 1
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
16:9 Enhanced: No
Special Features:
Director Commentary
Cast Commentary
Making of Documentary
Video Test Shoot
Investor Reel

Tom may just lose his mind and end up becoming a serial killer if another of his wives cheats on him. How do we know that? Well, Tim Ritter in his brilliant writing explains that to us in an ever so blunt exposition that explains Tom may just lose his mind and end up becoming a serial killer if another of his wives cheats on him.

Why the repetition? Because Ritterís film is absolutely positively awful in every aspect. Itís nothing but faux cinema verite swill attempting Warholian surrealism and fails on every single note possible because itís undermined by the shoddy work of Ritter.

Tom is a man plagued by paranoia thatÖ you know. And after losing his temper from thinking his wife was flirting with his best friend (a seventy year old pilot, no less), he begins to sink deeper and deeper into madness that I can only describe as insanely ridiculous acid trips that are neither entertaining nor edgy.

Camp Motion proves once again that movie distributors will basically put anything on the shelves as long as its retro, even crap like ďKilling Spree,Ē a movie I can only describe as a ninety minute punch in the neck that you can barely sit through no matter how hard you tried. Though the treatments for these movies are wonderful, Tim Ritterís talentless direction and tedious writing make this amateurish slasher.

Thereís not much I can say about this movie since itís just so bad any attempts at mustering the vitriol for this would be an exercise in futility, but itís just a ridiculous production from beginning to end. Asbestos Felt gives one of the worst performances Iíve ever seen in what can be described as a mixture of inadvertent comedy, and emoting that even a community theater would look down on.

If you can sit through this entire film without wanting to go on your own killing spree, then I either respect your endurance or bemoan your stupidity.
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