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Reviews Database > DVD REVIEWS (P) > A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT (2013)
Published by David Carter on 2016/1/31 (439 reads)
Directed by Benjamin Roberds & Jordan Reyes
Review by David Carter

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Released by Wild Eye Releasing
Running Time: 76 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Color format: Color/B&W
Audio/Subtitles: 2.0 Stereo English
Region Code: 0, NTSC
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen
16:9 Enhanced: Yes
Special Features: Promo Videos
Trailer Online: Yes

Open in new windowThere were only a relative handful of zombie movies made prior to the new millennium. Of those, the ones worth your time to track down and watch were limited to just a few, and zombies seemed to be going the way of werewolves in the pantheon of forgotten horror monsters, overshadowed by the ever-present vampire. Sixteen years later zombies can only be described as omnipresent in horror; running the gamut from movies to TV to books to “zombie walks” in every major city. The glut of zombie films these days is one of the reasons that Roberds & Reyes’ new film A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT’s wholly new take on the genre is so refreshing. While others choose to retread the same path over and over, these two have blazed a new trail, bringing some never-before-seen ideas to the screen. A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT is now available on DVD from Wild Eye Releasing.

Open in new windowClay Marshall and his roommate Todd live in the post-zombie apocalypse world. “Apocalypse” might be a strong statement; the zombie uprising lasted a mere twelve hours. Several billion people were killed, however, before it was realized that zombies were only violent if someone was violent towards them. This has led to an unspoken cease-fire between humans and zombies; harming a zombie is crime because it would spark a new wave of violence.

Clay and Todd live uneasily in this world, dealing with the constant presence of zombies in addition to life’s normal problems. Todd decides that dating Clay’s sister, Mia, would be a good idea and decides to ask her out with Clay’s enthusiastic permission. Mia declines, however, because she’s “seeing someone” – her zombie boyfriend Gerry. Clay pleads with her to get over Gerry, but the fact that her dead boyfriend is still walking around makes it impossible for Mia to move on. Clay decides the only thing he can do to help his sister is to kill zombie Gerry, unwittingly starting a new zombie apocalypse in the process.

Open in new windowThe fact that A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT offers a new take on the zombie film is its main selling point. This is a genre where originality is typically in short supply, and it is to their credit that Roberds and Reyes present something truly unique here. In addition to the plot, PLAUGE does several interesting things visually, including switching between color and black and white a la THE WIZARD OF OZ at important moments. PLAGUE doesn’t skimp on the horror to execute its cerebral take on the genre, and there is more than enough gut-munching and frantic escapes to keep even the most die-hard zombie purist happy.

Wild Eye Releasing’s disc for A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT is well put together and contains promo videos as a bonus feature. While it doesn’t contain the hours of unwanted bonus features seen on big budget releases, most viewers will be content enough with the film itself to overlook the scant offerings. A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT can’t be recommended highly enough for the hard-to-please zombie fans out there. The film is unlike anything you’ve seen before and will hopefully help spark more innovation in this genre.
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