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Published by David Carter on 2014/7/13 (1426 reads)
Directed by Yoshihiro Kawasaki
Review by David Carter

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Released by Impulse Pictures
Running Time: 63 minutes
Rating: Not Rated
Color format: Color
Audio/Subtitles: 2.0 Mono Japanese/English Subtitles
Region Code: 1, NTSC
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1
16:9 Enhanced: Yes
Special Features: Liner notes, Reversible cover
Trailer Online: Yes

Open in new windowShort Version: More naughty Japanese nurses

In researching the history of nurseploitation, the earliest films I was able to find involving nurses date back to the beginning of film itself and the early 1900s. The first “sexy” nurseploitation film I have found is a 1908 silent film from Great Britain titled THE AMOROUS NURSE. Apparently the plot of the short film has been lost to the sands of time, but the title alone serves as proof that as far back as a century ago, people were happily plopping down their money to see sexy nurses in action. 1908 was roughly eighty years before Yoshihiro Kawasaki’s NURSE GIRL DORM: STICKY FINGERS hit the scene, but it is very likely that it was made for the exact same reasons as its ancestor. NURSE GIRL DORM is now available from Impulse Pictures as part of the Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection.

Open in new windowRecently divorced Yuki moves back into the nurses’ dormitory, much to the consternation of the dorm’s strict supervisor. She’s been warned about Yuki and it doesn’t take long for Yuki to prove to her that her fears are well founded. The older, more mature Yuki quickly becomes a mentor to the young nurses, teaching them all of the secrets of illicitness and rule breaking.

Open in new windowIt’s all hedonistic fun for a time until Yuki’s ex-husband, Tadao, attempts to win her back. Unfortunately for him, Yuki is in the middle of a complicated love quadrangle. Dr. Kodama is in love with her, her friend Mayumi is in love with Dr. Kodama, Makato the undertaker is in love with Mayumi, and Yuki is having a hard time keeping her hands off all of them. A series of comedic miscommunications leads to a showdown with the dorm supervisor, the titular sticky fingers, a doctor in drag, and some unorthodox police work.

NURSE GIRL DORM follows closely to the pattern established by other Nikkatsu releases: light-hearted comedy and slapstick eroticism. This is the second consecutive nurseploitation release from Impulse that features the inappropriate use of a vacuum cleaner, leading me to believe that this practice was highly-prevalent in Japan during the eighties. NURSE GIRL DORM isn’t especially groundbreaking or taboo pushing despite the alternate title “Assy Fingers” but it will satisfy your desire to laugh. Very reminiscent of American eighties comedies, viewers unfamiliar with Nikkatsu will find much to like here despite the language barrier.
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