Icons of Italian Horror Cinema - including a 30th Anniversary reunion from Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE - announced for the Spring CHILLER THEATRE Expo!

“The Italian Invasion” will hit US shores April 17-19 for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet cast and crew from many of Italy’s most revered cult horror films.

This headlining event of Spring’s Chiller Theatre Expo in Parsippany, New Jersey currently boasts 13 guests including a 30th anniversary reunion from director Lucio Fulci’s most popular film, 1979’s ZOMBIE. Following the success of last October’s appearance by Catriona MacColl, Chiller producer Kevin Clement was eager to facilitate this special gathering and accentuated it with a number of additional genre faves. “We are more than thrilled to be hosting the largest gathering of EuroHorror stars at a single event ever! Every fan of Italian horror and zombie films will love this!”

“To whatever degree you view it, it will be an historic occasion,” states Paura Productions founder Mike Baronas who assembled the illustrious line-up. “It will be a surreal experience to stand in one place surrounded by all these folks I grew up adoring, and I’m certain I won’t be alone in that respect.”  

ZOMBIE leading man and guest Ian McCulloch gives what will be his perspective from the other side of the table, “I am looking forward to Parsippany and meeting fans, old and new, of films which have somehow stood the test of time. I wish I could say the same of myself!”

The current cast of characters – most of whom will be making their VERY FIRST convention appearance ever – includes:



Also Featuring…


We interviewed Mike Baronas on his upcoming Lucio Fulci memorial DVD at FILM FANADDICT so check it out here

Preorders for the DVD (scheduled for release at the end of February 2008) are being taken at www.pauraprod.com

Wow! Has it been that long since an update? Holy cow. We've been really busy here with FILM FANADDICT, but hope to get the Fulci Tribute Page integrated into our main site soon, which will also make it much easier to update. And speaking of updates: here's one:

Mike Baronas of Paura Prod. has made this announcement which should delight fans of Lucio Fulci:

LUCIO FULCI MEMORIAL DVD FORTHCOMING - Mike has taken it upon himself to compile the 90 on-camera and audio interviews in his possession and release a limited-edition memorial DVD to the late Lucio Fulci. With chances currently slim that our massive tome will see the light of day in our lifetime, releasing this DVD first will at least bring some satisfaction that a segment of all the hard work, time and expense was worth it.

Entitled PAURA: Lucio Fulci Remembered, this first volume of possible future editions will treat Fulci fans to tales from those he worked closest with as well as his contemporaries with the hope of shedding some light upon the often misunderstood maestro.

Mike is currently in the throws of cleaning thousands of images in his collection that will be used as slideshow accompaniments to each individual, all of whom answer the same question: "What is your fondest memory of Lucio Fulci?"

The DVD will be released independently under the Paura Productions moniker and will have a street date of February 2008. EXTREMELY special pre-order autographed editions will be made available early next year.

For more information visit www.pauraprod.com


Here's the details on the upcoming July 27th 2-disc DVD of ZOMBIE. Check the merchandise section for ordering links.

• Newly remastered widescreen transfer
• Audio commentary by actor Ian McCullough
• “Food for the Worms,” a 13-minute featurette interviewing opening-scene zombie Captain Haggerty
• Production stills, posters and lobby card gallery
• Outtakes

• “Building a Better Zombie,” a 98-minute documentary featuring interviews with producer Fabrizio De Angelis, makeup FX creator Giannetto De Rossi, cinematographer Sergio Salvati, composer Fabio Frizzi, makeup artists Maurizio Trani and Rosario Prestopino, camera operator Franco Bruni and hairstylist Mirella DeRossi Sforza
• “Raising the Dead,” a six-minute featurette interviewing production and costume designer Walter Patriarca
• “An Evening With Dakar”: Actor Dakar, who plays the character of Lucas, sings!

Blue Underground will release Fulci's CONQUEST and ZOMBIE on DVD July 27th. There have been some disputes over who officially has the rights to release ZOMBIE on DVD. Shriek Show lists their 2-disc set of ZOMBIE to be released as well on the same day. BU's version will be fully remastered, uncut, and bare bones, while SS's version claims to have over 2 hours of interviews with a large amount of cast/crew members. Check the merchandise section for ordering links.

LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN seems to be on indefinite delay and it seems we are a long ways away from seeing this hit DVD.

New review for DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING has been posted in the filmography section. Click here.

Shriek Show has announced their August 26th release of a two-disc set for Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE which is being presented as ZOMBI 2. Hopefully this will be the definitive version of the film. Full extras details will be posted soon. You can order it now here.

It has been a great honor for Shocking Images to be the host of the Official Lucio Fulci website for the last 6 years. We are now turning the title over to the person who has supported our efforts for so long and who deserves the title more than anyone, Fulci's daughter Antonella. Her new site is currently being constructed and hope for it to be available on line soon. We will let you know. This site will continue to exist in honor of Fulci. We encourage others to contribute quality materials to these pages in an effort to make this site even better. We are looking for in depth film review to flesh out the filmography areas, news, etc. If you are interested in helping please get in touch. Fulci lives!

Ordering links for the upcoming release of LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN is available in the merchandise area.

The new and expanded Lucio Fulci Merchandise page is up and running. Help support this site by ordering from these links.

BLUE UNDERGOUND will release CONTRABAND on dvd in March. Click here for info and trailer.

Our merchandise section will be redone and on-line soon. Please be sure and join our mailing list to be kept up to date on what is happening here.

Image will release VOICES FROM BEYOND on 12/26/01.

Image's release of CAT IN THE BRAIN is currently on hold (for some reason) and any further develops will be posted here. VOICES FROM BEYOND is in the works but a street date has not yet been assigned..

Shriek Show has just acquired the rights to LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN for upcoming release on DVD and VHS! More news to come when available!

Image Entertainment will be releasing AENIGMA on 9/4/01 to region free dvd and vhs!

Download a Lucio Fulci screensaver for you computer now available on the downloads page!!! (Thanks to Matt Bradshaw for creating this).

5/26/01 Synapse Films acquires Fulci's TOUCH OF DEATH! While this just happen there is really nothing else to report yet but we will post the progress of the title when news becomes available.

LUCIO FULCI DISCUSSION FORUM is here! Get over there and start discussing the life and career of this great director!

The previously noted unknown scene for the Anchor Bay dvd release of HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY will be included as an easter egg. Unfortunately more complete materials were not located to include the footage in the film. Anchor Bay also has plans for later this year to release 4 OF THE APOCALYPSE.

Media Blaster's new euro line is entitled SHRIEK SHOW and they already have an impressive list of up upcoming titles which will be announced soon. Their upcoming release of DEMONIA is shaping up to be a nice release. We have written a career overview of Fulci which will be included on the dvd. Other extras include a mini text interview with Brett Halsey by Mike Baronas discussing the film, a video interview of Fulci on the set of the film, etc. Check the merchandise link above for ordering details.

Exciting news! First off, Image Entertainment will soon be releasing NIGHTMARE CONCERT and VOICES FROM BEYOND on DVD. More news once they are officially announced. Also, MEDIA BLASTERS has started a new line of titles that will center on Italian horror. Many interesting titles are in the works and their first title will be Fulci's DEMONIA!

EC ENTERTAINMENT will be releasing TOUCH OF DEATH on dvd soon.

Interesting news has come to light as ANCHOR BAY works on their upcoming release of HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY. Our sources report that while gathering materials a short but never before seen scene (at least that we know of) has surfaced. The scene is an approximately 20 second dialogue scene following the "bat attack", though at this time no soundtrack materials have been found for this scene. Hopefully these will make their way into the release in one form or another.

Over in Japan they have been releasing a bunch of Fulci dvds as well... Here are some scans of the covers. ZOMBIE 3, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, AENIGMA and though having nothing to do with Fulci.... RED MONKS (As part of a "Lucio Fulci" collection). You may be able to purchase them here if interested. Here are a couple more covers for BLACK CAT, MANHATTAN BABY, MURDERROCK. Also is ITALIAN SHOCK's release of NEW YORK RIPPER which includes the soundtrack on a seperate audio track.

Happy new year!! Fulci's BLACK CAT is now out on import dvd. Check the store link above for more info!

The filmography is updated with Richard Harland Smith's review of DONT TORTURE A DUCKLING.

Mike Baronas Fulci Tribute added.


First off, welcome to the new and improved OFFICIAL LUCIO FULCI SITE. We hope you like the new look and rest assured that the site will finally be expanding greatly over time. We have lots of exciting things coming soon. Let us know what you think.

ANTONELLA FULCI'S CULT-CON DIARY. Most of you know about last month's CULT-CON 2000 in New York. Antonella Fulci was a guest at the even and we are proud to feature her diary of the trip here. Take a look.

FAB PRESS still has stock available on their incredible book, BEYOND TERROR: THE FILMS OF LUCIO FULCI. This is a must have item if you are even remotely interested in Fulci's work. Check the merchandise link above for further info.

Europe's EC ENTERTAINMENT have issued their first 16X9 enhanced dvd, and it just so happens to be a region free release of Fulci's HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY. Check the merchandise link above for info as well.

FUTURE FULCI RELEASES: Anchor Bay Entertainment has these titles slated for dvd/vhs release - BLACK CAT, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, and MANHATTAN BABY all slated for early 2001.