1977. D-Cliff Roquemore. P-T. Toney and Rudy Ray Moore. S/P-Cliff Roquemore. 93 min.

    A Doctor (J. B. Baron) gives birth to a three foot tall ass kickin' Petey Wheatstraw (Cliff Roquemore II as the child). Young Petey is later befriended by Bantu (Brian Breye), who teaches him the skills of the martial arts for self-defense, but Petey decides he wants to be a comedian instead.

    After receiving a large investment from Mr. White (an obvious send up of his skin color) to open their club, Leroy and Skillet (Leroy Daniels and Ernest Mayhand) are nervous to learn that Petey will be performing in town on their opening night and they can't afford the competition. So Scareface Willie (Marvin Jones) goes over to rough up Ted (Ted Clemmons) for posting flyers of Wheatstraw's show and accidentally shoots his younger brother, Larry (Bryan L. Roquemore). Petey still won't cancel his show and Scarface shows up with a tommy gun at Larry's funeral, killing everyone by unloading into the crowd.

    Now in Hell, Petey cuts a deal with Lucifer (G. Tito Shaw) allowing Petey to return to the living world. In exchange for his soul, Petey must marry the devil's frighteningly ugly daughter. Petey agrees and everyone at the funeral is brought back to life. Lou hides a cane in the cemetery (notice the Cliff Roquemore tombstone) which gives Petey magic power and disguised as a Jamaican (wearing a small, red cowboy hat), Petey uses the cane to ruin Leroy and Skillet's opening night (and their club) and Ted gets his revenge on Scarface.

    Petey decides to try and trick Lucifer to get out of marrying his daughter. They try a switcheroo but it backfires and Petey is confronted by a group of demons (wearing leotards and capes) before he destroys Lucifer. But there is a surprise waiting for him as he jumps in the getaway car.

    The film's idea is great and played light heartedly throughout. Although lacking the in-your-face style presented previously, this does include some very powerful and noteworthy scenes. The mass shooting at the funeral was chaotically brutal, unexpected, and rather effective. The scene when Larry is shot is presented in choppy freeze-frame shots as the boy falls.

    The most ridiculous scene is where Nell (Ebony Wright) talks Jimmy (Jimmy Lynch) into going back home for her make-up instead of waiting for Petey as he fights for his life against demons on a rooftop.

    The funniest scene of the film has Lucifer conjuring up some horny little devils (pun intended) for Petey's bachelor party. The shots of Petey going at it with his head bobbing up and down between the girl's upstretched legs is hilariously sped up and worthy of numerous rewinds!

    Lady Reed has small part and Howard Jackson helps with the fight scenes again but doesn't appear.

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