1976. D-Cliff Roquemore. P-T. Toney and Rudy Ray Moore. S/P-Jerry Jones. 97 min.

    Dolemite returns in this loosely related semi-sequel featuring a somewhat more dynamic (and out there) script. Sheriff Bentley (J.B. Baron) catches Dolemite in bed with his wife (Wife: "He made me do it!" Dolemite: "Bitch! Are you for real?") She is shot as Dolemite escapes by rolling butt naked (with clothes in hand) down a hill to his car.

    Dolemite and his three buddies, Bo (Ernie Hudson, credited as his sometime stand-in brother, Luis), Doug (Ed Montgomery), and Jimmy (James Cromarie), kidnap a homosexual (who's very excited about this situation) and drive his car out to California. Dolemite soon learns that Cavaletti (Herb Graham) has kidnapped his friends, Java and T.C. (Peaches Jones), is holding them in a torture chamber, and is forcing Queen Bee (Lady Reed) and her girls to work at his club. Pete Blakely (Jerry Jones) is assigned to capture Dolemite for Sheriff Bentley, who has followed him to California.

    Disguised as a nerdy art salesman named Francot Delmonico Nickademous, Dolemite literally fucks the whereabouts of T.C. and Java out of the nymphomaniac Mrs. Cavaletti (Barbara Gerl). "At the house. One the Hill. In Pasadena!" The girls are rescued and they arrive at Cavalleti's party where a the rest of the gang is already busy kicking ass. Cavalleti is taken by Dolemite to the torture chamber for a taste of his own medicine. But Dolemite is followed by Bentley and is shot. Does Dolemite survive?

    Many familiar faces from DOLEMITE appear, as well as martial arts champion, Howard Jackson. Fellow comedian, Jimmy Lynch (who only made a cameo in DOLEMITE), is featured as well. The fight scenes are staged better, some are even sped up (as well as some car chases), and Moore's own unique style of kung fu is debuted, making several scenes even funnier. They also must have learned from their mistakes as no boom microphones are visible this time or in any later films. And of course, Moore's comedy routines and rythmic dialogue are prevalent.

    HUMAN TORNADO features some of my favorite scenes out of all of Moore's films. While having sex with Hurricane Annie (Glorya DeLani), shots of Dolemite eating ribs are intercut into the sequence. This has got to be one of the most hilarious metaphors ever commited to film! Mrs. Cavaletti daydreams of men coming down a slide onto her and while having sex with Mr. Nickademous, the bed moves so violently from side to side that the room collapses on top of them!

    Although there is a dark side to this film (the torture chamber, etc.) it definitely maintains the stamp of Moore's personality and is considered by many fans to be his best film.

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