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Below the Belt
Beatnik Scene
Comedian is Born
Let's Come Together
Eat Out More Often
This Pussy Belongs To Me
Merry Christmas, Baby
Return of Dolemite
Sensuous Black Man
Dolemite for President
I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing
Jokes by Redd Foxx
Live in Concert
The Player - The Hustler
House Party: Dirty Dozens Vol. 1
Dolemite Is Another Crazy Nigger
Sweet Peeter Jeeter
Turning Point
Close Encounter of the Sex Kind
Greatest Hits '86
Good Ole Big Ones
Hip Shakin' Papa
Greatest Hits
This Ain't No White Christmas
Raw, Rude, and Real
21st Century Dolemite
Hully Gully Fever
Genius of Rudy Ray Moore
Let Me Sing To You
Dolemite Sings

Human Tornado
Monkey Hustle
Petey Wheatstraw
Disco Godfather


Queen Bee Talks
Will The Real Dick Rise?
Sensous Black Woman
Jody The Grinder
Between Heaven and Hell
Fairy Godmother
What a Big Piece of Meat
Jimmy Lynch

The Black Comedy All-Star Revue
The State Theatre
Club Pizazz
Don Johnson's Birthday Celebration
The Comedy Spot
Jack Adams Hall
The Juke Joint
The Magic Bag

Rudy Ray Moore - Greatest Hits CD / Cassette

Liner Notes:

After more than 30 years in show business, 18 albums, 6 films and more nightclub engagements than can be counted, there still remains an air of mystery about Rudy Ray Moore. An electrifying standup with on audience rapport envied by many comedians, Moore is an enigmatic master of so many trades. Storyteller, comic, writer, director; he is one performer who cannot be forced into a prefabricated slot. His skills are too diverse for just one niche.

He is poet. An artist who has the unerring capacity to create his own world within a few words and possesses the skill and grace to invite his listeners inside it's a universe populated with the wit and wisdom of what White America has for eons termed "the other side of the tracks" (coincidentally, the wellspring for much of his country's artistic invention). These are fates from the dark side where fabled figures such as Pimpin' Sam, The Signifying Monkey, Hurricane Annie, and Petey Wheatstraw, the Devil's Son-in-Law abound.

And then there's Dolemite like Richard Pryer's Mudbone and Robin Harris' BeBe - both brilliant acolytes of Moore - Dolemite has transcended his comedic beginnings. The man who according to Moore, "At the age of one was drinkin' whiskey and gin/ at the age of two was eating the bottles they come in" has become part of our community consciousness. Dolemite has become a brand name for toughness. He has been quoted, sampled, and toasted by such rappers as Big Daddy Kane, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Ice-T. Descended from the grand southern tradition of bad men, Dolemite is the spiritual son of renegades like Stagger Lee. These are outlaws with a code of their own; a run-in with either could make one regret the day he was born.

Moore recounts these stories with the brutal beauty of the vulgar vernacular. Growling these risque sagas with a preacher's fervor, Moore becomes an inspired griot of fhe African-American experience. He is our chaneler for these wandering spirits. Moore is also an innovator. In 1970, on an album entitled Eat Out More Often, he syncopated his rugged rhymes to a musical back drop, earning him the sobriquet "The Godfather Of Rap." Moore was, in addition one of the first comedians to present the unexpurgated slang of Black street life on black wax. This was true verbal freedom before Pryor, before Murphy, before Def Comedy Jam. It could be said they are the imitators; Moore was the originator.

A pioneering auteur: he took his vinyl creations to the big screen making such hilarious cinema fare as Dolemite, The Human Tornado (the GODFATHER 2 of blaxploitation, and Petey Wheatstraw, among others. In the '90s, he's expanded to video and CDRom.

Is he a genius? You gotta ask? Simply put. Rudy Ray Moore is a multi-media conqueror, a performance artist without peer and funny as hell. Just put the tape in the machine or the disc in the drawer and become a believer.

Richard Torres

Album Tracks:
Rings n' Thangs
Petey Wheatstraw
3 Boyfriends
Shine and the Great Titanic
Singnifying Monkey
Hurricane Annie
Bitches n' Beans
Pimpin' Sam
Lions, Gators n' Goodshit

Original Version Liner Notes

This CD contains the original rap monologue "Dolemite" which has established the career of Rudy Ray Moore, known as the Godfather of Rap and King of the Party Records. Mr. Moore glides through such classic raps as the "Signifying Monkey" and the folklore tale "Petey Wheatsraw", also featured on this CD is a longtime favorite, "The Great Titanic".

Mr. Moore glides through the rap monologue with perfect timing, which makes him the world's first comic to take a bold approach in the comedy vein using ghetto expressions in a form of art. Mr. Moore has gained respect from many great rappers and comedians from this CD. Many rappers have sampled and gave lyrical nods to Mr. Moore. Keep on doing your thing. Hail to the king of the party records.

Foster Corder


This release contains a slightly different track list than the CD release.

1. Dolemite
2. The Great Titanic
3. Pimpin' Sam
 4. Signifying Monkey
 5. Hurricane Annie Meets Dolemite
6. Rings n' Thangs
7. Petey Wheatstraw, The Devil's Son-In-Law
8. Campaign Speech (Dolemite for President)
9. 3 Boyfriends
10. Bitches n' Beans
11. Lions, Gators n' Goodshit
12. The Streaker
 13. The Sighs of Love
14. How Grewsome

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